Thomas Turner - Negro League Baseball


Tom's parents, brothers and sisters pictured here. Left to right - Wilson, Tom, Sadie, Catherine, James Benjamin, Josephine - parents Samuel and Ada - Albert, Irene, Samuel Jr., Laura Lavada, Hattie Mae, Otis Alonzo Turner.  One sister, Faithie, died in adolescence.  This gathering celebrates Sam and Ada's wedding anniversary, perhaps the 60th.  Taken in the front yard of their home in Glendale, Ohio.  Tom and Otis survive all other family members.

Alicia Prado, Tom's first wife and mother of Ana, Olga and Glenn.  This photo was taken in front of the Union Terminal train station in Cincinnati circa 1959-60. Alicia passed away in January 2009.

First born daughter Ana with Tom at her home.  Ana's son Jason to the right.  Tom and Betty with great-grandchildren BreAna and Jason Jr. 

 Second born Olga with daughter Zuli and son Joey.  Family and friends gather in Tallahassee for Zuli's graduation from Florida A&M University in 2000.  Zuli was the first college graduate from Tom's immediate family.  Zuli with President Obama before he announced his candidacy for President at an event in Chicago.  Zuli said she waited at the bottom of the escalator until he arrived to get this photo.

Third born and only son, Glenn with his family - Megan, Joshua, wife Blanca, Glen Jr. - New Year's Eve in California.  Glen's house with members of his wife's family and great-grandson Jason Jr.  Tom and Betty visit his ex-sisters in law in San Diego - left, Hortensia (passed away in 2010); right Inda.

Ever the patriot, Tom's 1996 Buick Roadmaster with the flying flags is well known in the Georgetown area.  Tom and Betty dressed for a New Year's celebration in California.  Tom showing off one of his autographed photos.  Captain Cold Nose wrote in a blog in 1996: "An old Negro League player named Thomas Turner has made the rounds around Southern Ohio the last few years. I got his autograph at the Ohio Tobacco Festival of all places, where he had a booth set up. He wasn't a star, but he had some great stories to tell."

Tom's homburg was a gift from his daughter from the Borsalino Hat Shop in Rome.  Same daughter types out what is being said by the various speakers at a family and friends gathering at Tom's house in Georgetown. 

Family and friends and a couple of kids from the neighborhood celebrate Tom's 90th birthday hosted by daughter Olga and granddaughter Zuli in Chicago.  Tom said he had 10 birthday parties in 2005.   

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